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Alpha Omega Tours and Charters | Sports Trips
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real solutions for teams big and small

Let our friendly team at Alpha Omega Charters make your sports travel the best it can be.

Sports Trips

The movie title coined the phrase, but it’s true for us, too…there’s a lot that we do “for love of the game.” There’s something about working one’s body, enjoying camaraderie with teammates, putting in the hard work of practicing, strategizing, and running plays, and then giving it your all when it’s time to play an opposing team. There is an energy and excitement there that is contagious!

Whether you are transporting a high school team to state championships or need to get your university football team to an away game, we can help! Our coaches have ample storage for all the gear you need to bring along when you’re traveling, as well as amenities on board to make those longer drives more enjoyable. When your team needs to travel, we’d love to come along!

our fleet

Arrive in style with our beautifully designed coaches and professionally dressed drivers.


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traveling with us

Our coaches can carry up to 57 passengers at a time, and they boast other luxuries as well: a bathroom on board, power, WiFi, individual reading lights and airflow control, as well as TV screens for entertainment while you ride. Our prime focus is customer satisfaction, and our goal is to provide professional customer service. We don’t ever want our customers to compromise on comfort, convenience, or punctuality. Call us today to see how we can customize our services to match your group transportation needs!

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